School Discipline

Each child coming to school has a right to expect an atmosphere where he/she can learn, play and feel safe. To ensure this right, a cope of discipline has been drawn up. A school code of discipline policy document is available to all parents. Copies are now available to all parents and must be signed by all.

This code was drawn up by the Principal and teaching staff, approved by the general body of parents and parents’ association and ratified by the board of Management.

The children are all aware of the rules and the type of behaviour which is acceptable and unacceptable. In general, most children respond well to these rules. They feel more secure and more confident in a situation where they know what is expected of them.

It is important to stress that school is a place where work is done and children are educated. It is not a minding service for children.

Discipline encompasses every aspect of school life. Correct attitudes towards homework, punctuality, wearing of school uniform, litter, respect for property are all important. Misbehaviour in the classroom or yard, bad language or bad manners will not be tolerated.

At all times respect for authority is expected. In the classroom situation, it is unacceptable that any pupil should disrupt the working of the class. Where continual disruption is caused, the disruptive child will have to be isolated or removed from the class so as not to deny the other children the right to learn.

Some parents may not be aware of disruptive effect that their child may have on a class. However, when made aware of this fact they should take steps to ensure that their child behaves in future and monitor his/her progress by supervising his/her homework diary for notes and visiting the school frequently.