School Books

A rental scheme is in operation in the school from Rang II to Rang VI. The purpose of this scheme is to keep parents expenses as low as possible. It also has the advantage that a far greater range of up-to-date textbooks are available to each pupil than would otherwise be the case if pupils directly purchased school textbooks.

Parents will appreciate that the management of a rental scheme which is for the benefit of parents and their children involves a considerable amount of organisation and control. It is also an additional burden on the school staff. Parent’s co-operation is essential.
Participation in the scheme requires parents to:

  • If a book is damaged or lost—to replace it with a new one.
  • To pay promptly for the books as no child will receive any books without prior payment.

An account is taken of all the books that are rented and their condition is monitored during the year. We have noted that some pupils take less than satisfactory care of the book. Accordingly, a few pupils may have to be disqualified from availing of the rental scheme.

Its continuation, therefore, depends on the co-operation received in its operation.