Extracurricular activities

An important policy of the school is that pupils should have available as wide a100_2805 range of activities as possible, both within school hours and after hours. After school activities are usually conducted by the teaching staff in their own free time and on a voluntary basis. Their efforts, on behalf of the pupils are much appreciated by the school, parents and by the pupils themselves.

There is a strong emphasis in the school on sport. Participation, fun and correct attitudes and skill development rather than winning are the important objectives of the school. Success, when it occurs, is of course welcome and the school has achieved a large degree of success in recent years.

Basketball Coaching:
Coaching in the skills of Basketball is organised during the year. A circular outlining timetables for the above activity will be sent to all parents concerned at the beginning of each school term. The school has participated in many basketball blitzes over the past number of years.
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Gaelic Football Coaching:
Coaching in the skills of Gaelic football takes place during school hours with Jack O’Connor and Micheál Quirke. Our teams have participated in Cumann na mBunscoil over the past few years.

Children from 1st to 6th class can avail of swimming classes after school hours through the school.

Our athletes represent the school through at various events during the year.

School Choir:
Music is an important curriculum subject taught to all pupils. There is a school choir. This choir enhances important activities during the school year when singing is required, e.g. First Holy Communion, Confirmation, or the funeral of a person closely connected with the school (if requested).Choir

School Band:
Many musical instruments are taught in the school such as fiddle ,guitar, piano and flute.

Table Quizzes:
The school participates in various primary school table quizzes during the year.

Computer Room:
Children are allowed hands-on experience with our computers, encompassing a variety of CD Rom software. Each class now has an interactive whiteboard.