Book Lists


Leabhar Liosta Naíonáin Shóisireacha 2021-2022

Gaeilge:                                                              Bua na Cainte A Workbook

Béarla:                                                                Reading Zone Infant level (Folens)

  • Reading Zone Activity Book for Readers 1-3 Selected Activities

(Please note that this is one book)

  • Just Write A1 (Introduction to joined script and cursive writing) EDCO
  • Folens- Sounds Makes Words-(Yellow)phonological awareness
  • Folens-Sounds make words Junior infants 42 sounds


Matamaitic:                                                         Mata Beo (Naíonáin Shóisireacha) – Folens


Teagasc Críostaí:                                                Grow in Love Junior Infants Primary 1 Workbook


Please send in:                                                    3 x Pritt stick (1 to be kept at home for homework)

1 x Colouring Books (Labelled with Child’s name)

1 Whiteboard Marker

1 packet baby wipes (sensitive)


Essential items to have every day: Labelled pencil case & crayons (not colouring pencils)


Total payable: €45 to be paid into the school account(details attached)

  • (Pencils,sharpners etc will be provided by the school)

It covers the following:

School Insurance

Book Rental (cios); – All readers are rented from the school

Ealaín (art)


Copies and other school supplies (All copies, folders, notebooks & writing workbooks & S.A.L.F (Self-Assessment Learning Folder) will be supplied by class teacher to ensure all children have the same)

  • Please label clearly ALL school supplies and clothing.
  • Schoolbag must be able to hold Jumper, A4 Folder & Lunchbox
  • No bags with wheels please


Leabharliosta Naíonáin Mhóra 2021-2022

Teagasc Criostaí:

  • Grow in Love Workbook for Senior Infants Primary 2


  • Sounds make WORDS -Phonological Awareness Book (Yellow) (Folens)
  • “ Sounds in Action” Senior Infants (Folens)


Mata:                                             Mata Beo Naíonáin Shinsearacha  Folens

Master Your Maths Senior Infants (Fallons)



*English readers to be rented from the school.

*Irish Readers      “   “     “         “     “      “




  • 1 A3 Mesh Wallet
  • A4 Art Pad
  • 4 x Pritt Stick
  • 3 x Whiteboard Markers (Black or Red)
  • 2 colouring books (Labelled with Child’s name)
  • 1 packet of sensitive baby wipes
  • Photograph of the child as a baby & as a toddler (please write the name on the back of each photograph)
  • Please make sure that all drinks are closed properly in your child’s bag every day to avoid spillages & ruining books.
  • Please label clearly all belongings (Jumpers, sweatshirts etc)
  • Shoes & Sneakers with Velcro if possible.
  • Please note that the School bag must be able to hold jumper, A4 folder & lunchbox & drink. (A lot of school bags are too small)
  • No School Bags with Wheels please.

School Monies:    Total €45 to be paid into the school account


This money covers the following: Fototcóip, Ealaín, Pencils, erasers, crayons, Book Rental (Cíos), Insurance, Folders & Copies, Jolly Phonics word book,2 scrapbooks & 2 Just handwriting books are all provided by the teacher.


Leabharliosta  Rang 1 2021-2022

Béarla:                Oral Language Programme Response Book First Class   CJ Fallon

Reading Zone Combined Reading + Activity Book 3 : Two Little Frogs  Folens

(Readers available on school book rental scheme)

Spell Well 1 CJ Fallon


Gaeilge:              Céim r Chéim 1 CJ Fallon

Léigh sa Bhaile A CJ Fallon

(Leabhair Léitheoireachta ar fáil ón scoil)


Mata:                   Mata Draíochta 1  CJ Fallon

Master your Maths 1  CJ Fallon

Table Toppers 1 CJ Fallon


OSIE/OSPS        An Domhan Beag Seo Rang a hAon   CJ Fallon

Creideamh:         Grow in Love Workbook for 1st Class


3 x 32 page 15A Project Book

(Top blank   bottom ruled)

1 x 88 page  C3 Sum Copy.

Pencils & pencil pointer & eraser

Colouring pencils / crayons.

2 x Pritt Stick. (Labelled with names on them)

1 x A4 Folder with plastic pockets.

1 Large Scrap Book – (big enough for A3 pictures)

1 packet of baby wipes

Available on Rental – no need to buy



*Lee Strand will provide a Free homework Journal

*Please Cover all books with a transparent cover and have child’s name printed clearly on front cover.

*Please label clearly all belongings (Jumpers, sweater-shirts, coats.  Lunchbox, pencils)

* Please make sure all drinks are closed properly in your Childs bag everyday to avoid spillages and ruining books.


Leabharliosta  Rang 2 –2021-2022


  • Fuaimeanna agus Focail do Rang 2 (Folens)



  • Spell Well 2 CJ Fallons
  • ”The Green Genie” (Folens) Second Class Activity Book
  • ”The Grumpy Teaspoon”, 2nd class (Folens) (Activity Book 1)
  • My Read At Home 2 CJ Fallon
  • Rainbow English Programme Oral Language Response Book 2nd Class CJ Fallon



  • Mata Draíochta 2
  • Table Toppers 2 CJ Fallon
  • Master Your Maths 2 CJ Fallons



  • Grow in Love Workbook for 2nd class

Any child presenting for First Confession & First Communion should send in a copy of their baptismal certificate to school by Sept 20th.



  • An Domhan Beag Seo rang a Dó CJ Fallon


The following to be rented from the school in September.

English Readers (1), Gaeilge (2) Grow in Love (1)

Also the following will be needed:

1 sum copy

4 x 88 page copies

2 X Project Copy (Code 15 A) 40 page

2 Display Folders – 40 pages

2 pencils, ruler, pencil pointer, eraser, crayons or markers, pritt stick, 2 red pens

2 A4 Scrapbooks


Leabhar Liosta Rang 3 – 2021-2022


                           *Dictionary: English/Irish

Irish/English Purple Cover (An Comhlacht Oideachais)


Béarla:                *English Dictionary (The Oxford Primary School)

New Treasury 3 (Folens)

*Read at Home 3 Fallons


Mata:                  *Mata Draíochta 3

*Master your Maths 3 CJ Fallons

*Leabhar Táblaí


Cóipleabhair:         10 x 88 page copies (with margin)

3 x Sum Copies

2 x Nature study Copies

2 x A5 Hardcover copy

2 x Scrap Book

1 x A4 Hardback

Extras:                2 Large Pritt Stick,Rialóir,Ruibéar,Pencil,Pointer,Peann Luaidhe,Pinn Daite nó Maircerí, Réd Biro , A4 Binder.

The following will be rented from the school in September.

*Irish Readers

*English readers * Novels

*Timpeall an Domhain


*Lee Strand will provide a free homework Journal


Leabhar Liosta Rang 4 2021-2022


Foclóir Gaeilge/Béarla  –  Béarla/Gaeilge

Béarla:                                    New Treasury 4 (Folens)

English Dictionary

Read at Home 4

Mata:                                       Mata Draíochta 4

Master your Maths 4 (CJ Fallons)

Leabhar Táblaí

Ceol:                                       Feadóg Stáin “D”

Cóipleabhair:                          10 x 88 page

1 x A4 Hard cover copies

2 x Hardcover notebooks A5

4 x Maths Copies (88 page)


Extras:                                     2 Large Pritt Stick, Rialóir, Ruibéar, Pencil Pointer, Red Biros,

Peann Luaidhe, Pinn Daite nó Maircéirí,A4 Binder,3 Scrapbooks.

  • Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labelled

The following to be rented from the school in September  

Irish Readers

English Readers

Timpeall an Domhain

Novel  (Béarla + Gaeilge)

Inis Dom



Leabhar Liosta Rang V    2021-2022

Gaeilge:                                 Focloir Gaeilge/Béarla, Béarla/Gaeilge


Béarla:                                    New Treasury 5 (Folens)

English Dictionary

Read at Home 5 (CJ Fallons)


Mata:                                      Mata Draíochta 5

Maths Challenge 5 (Folens)

Leabhar Táblaí


Ceol:                                       Feadóg Stáin  “D”


Cóipleabhair:                        10 x 88 page

2 x A4 Hard Cover Copy

4 x Maths Copies  (88 pages)

1 x A5 Hardcover Notebooks

1 x Scrapbook.

1 X A3 Mesh Folder


Extras:                                      1 Large Pritt Stick, Rialóir, Ruibéar, Pencil, Pointer,

Peann Luaidhe, Pinn Dáite nó Maircéirí, Red, Blue and

Black biro.  A4 Display Book (40 page), Mathematical Set.

The following to be rented from the school in September.

Irish Readers

English Readers


English & Irish Novels


Timpeall an Domhain


Leabhar Liosta Rang V1 2021-2022

  •            Gaeilge: Foclóir Gaeilge / Béarla,   Béarla / Gaeilge


  • Béarla:                New Treasury 6  (Folens)

English Dictionary

Read at Home 6 (CJ Fallon)

  • Mata: Mata Draíochta 6

Maths Challenge 6 (Folens)


  • Tír Eolais: Where on Earth? Geography Activities 6th Class (Folens)


  • Ceol: Feadóg stáin “D”


  • Cóipleabhair: 12 x 88 page

3 x Maths copies 88 page

2 x Hardcover Copy A5

1 x Hardcover Notebook A4

1 x Scrapbook

Extras:                         Premier Activity A4 (65gsm) Tracing paper Pad (30 Sheets)

(€2.95 in


A4 Binder (for handouts / songs etc.)

1 Large Pritt Stick, Ruler, Eraser, Pencil Pointer, Pencils,

Biros (Blue / Black / Red) Markers or Colouring Pencils

Mathematical Set.


The following to be rented from the school in September.

Gaeilge – Draíocht 2,  English Readers,  Religion,

Timpeall an Domhain,  Novels